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My experience at the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat is one I will never forget. I was completely stressed, over worked, super busy with family and life, and really needed to take care of me. I went alone, not knowing anyone, on blind faith looking to get away. What I found there was lifelong friends, pampering, health tips, dancing, and a world of good to heal my soul. Thanks Sherry Kane for creating this awesome opportunity of sisterhood and transformation! I can't wait to do it again!

Susan Carlisle

I didn’t realize how much I truly needed the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat. It empowered me to make changes that I was already 'wanting to do', but it reminded me of the critical nature of doing them NOW. Knowing that my mission is hinging on my own rejuvenation, I was easily ready to step through the DOORS that were waiting for me to open. Mostly seeing the transformation in Sherry Kane over the years was the critical key for my decision to JUST DO IT. As a result of attending “I am Complete” Women’s Retreat, taking care of myself FIRST has now become a priority. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be REMINDED of how important self-care really is for both myself and my relationships. By the way, my BUSINESS LIFE has EXPLODED into new heights of profitability, and I am able to do more, while being much more efficient too.

Brooke Peterson

Sherry Kane, thank you so much for creating the “I Am complete” Women’s Retreat. It has truly changed my life. I had been consciously nutritious and active but after I started my own business I felt guilty taking the time out to take care of me. This came into my life at the perfect moment, before I let the guilt get to me, before I allowed myself to slip into total incompleteness. I also learned many new skills, tips and tricks to help me stay on the path of being full and complete. Scheduling tips, new healthy ideas to implement into my life, just to name a couple. But what I really walked away with, which actually still walks with me, is the powerful sisterhood that I received from the experience. Many of the attendees I now count as special friends. I knew from this retreat I finally found my tribe and I am so grateful that I attended.

Melissa Billias

After attending the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat, I left feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. As a result of the experience I had at the retreat, I was able to come back to my busy life and tackle my work with a clear head so I could be more creative and hit the ground running with my business. It was just what I needed! Thank you Sherry Kane for making such a difference in lives of women everywhere including mine.

Trish Carr
Co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

I attended the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat and left feeling so inspired. A week prior my son had surgery for a broken leg and I was going on absolutely no sleep while experiencing complete overwhelm and stress. I have always put myself last both when it comes to self-care and health. This event could not have come at a better time. A few days of no work, total fun, relaxation, motivation, healthy eating, and bonding with phenomenal women was exactly what I needed. I actually belly danced, enjoyed pampering, learned how to improve my life from motivating speakers, and loved our all girls’ pajama party. It was an amazing experience! I am excited about living a healthier lifestyle. Since the retreat, I actually gave up my daily soda addiction!

Jodi Marhefka

I went to “I Am Complete” Women's Retreat feeling completely frazzled, leaving behind a hectic life which involves managing three children's lives (and two dogs!). During the retreat, I was able to take a deep breath and totally relax, and actually tend to myself while prioritizing my own needs for a few blissful days. After the participating in the retreat, I brought home lots of wonderful information that I’ve been able to implement which has made a significant positive difference in all of our family’s lives- and EVERYONE was happy when Mom came home re-energized and rejuvenated, and in a completely different state of mind.

Julie Jernigan

The “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat made such a difference in my life! I didn't realize what an impact it actually had until I came home and started to take my health more seriously and make myself a priority. I would say this retreat was the initiator in me taking major steps to start healing my physical and mental well-being. Thank you Sherry Kane for showing us that it all can work when you put yourself first. It was a powerful experience of rejuvenation at the retreat with yoga, meditation, belly dancing, and relaxing girl time. You certainly know how to make a fabulous girlie weekend with practical education and transformation. It was the perfect balance. After attending the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat, I dusted off my Pilates machine and was inspired to go back to my exercise routine.

Dorit Papelbaum

I really enjoyed the powerful experience of being at the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat. It was such an incredible way to reconnect with the power of sisterhood. It’s only when we come together in the spirit of support and collaboration that we can make a big impact in the world and this is what “I Am Complete” Woman’s Club is about. Thank you Sherry Kane for being a leader in feminine leadership and inspiring us women to step up to our full potential!

Vanessa Halloum
President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale

Before attending the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat, I was looking for a way to rid all the stress. What an incredible few days I experienced at the retreat! I allowed myself to be completely open, to go deeper within myself and to embrace all that was offered. I left there feeling like I can take on the world. I love where I am going now too! Since then, I have joined a yoga studio of which I am going 3x/week. I started to juice more regularly and to include more greens and super foods into my diet. I feel incredible! More energy, and less tired... And being able to connect with other powerful women, with no judgement... I never experienced anything like this before. Thank you Sherry Kane for providing us with this awesome opportunity!

Marla Nemanic

It just so happened that the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat was right after my big event that I had been working diligently on for months. It was the perfect time for me to step away from work, as I was in tremendous need of a break. Little did I realize how much this retreat would completely relax me and allow me to simply BE ME. Although I was a speaker at the event, I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself with wonderful women and new friends, dance, and engage in self-care. These are things I rarely do for myself being a busy wife, mom, entrepreneur and friend. I was especially inspired to learn more about nutrition and thrilled to take home valuable information that I implemented into my family’s life. Thank you Sherry Kane for creating this sacred space for us to come together as women and enable us to put ourselves first.

Sherinata Pollock

Attending Sherry Kane's “I Am Complete” Women's Retreat was a such gift! I am a very busy mom of 3 young children, run my own business, and rarely get the opportunity to put my needs first. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me and so it was refreshing to be a part of a women's event that celebrates wonderful choices like feeding your body and mind with healthy habits. I was fortunate to enjoy this fabulous weekend with one of my dearest friends and it was a total joy to relax, decompress, laugh and dance... and just be girls together with no family or work responsibilities! I left feeling recharged and ready to take on whatever was waiting for me at home. I encourage all women to make themselves a priority and start by coming to one of Sherry’s life-changing retreats! And don't forget to bring a girlfriend along!

Michelle McKay