A Message from Our Founder, Sherry Kane:

We’re so excited to celebrate the 4th I am Complete Women’s Retreat!

For over 2 years, we’ve been bringing women together to experience fun, friendship, relaxation, sisterhood, empowerment, and an incredible enriching opportunity to escape their busy lives so they can function at their very best to serve others.

We are thrilled to announce… this Spring, we’ll be Cruisin’ the Seas!

Join us for Four Nights and Five Days onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise  Sailing to Cozumel, Mexico!

April 14-18, 2016


I went to “I Am Complete” Women's Retreat feeling completely frazzled, leaving behind a hectic life which involves managing three children's lives (and two dogs!). During the retreat, I was able to take a deep breath and totally relax, and actually tend to myself while prioritizing my own needs for a few blissful days. After the participating in the retreat, I brought home lots of wonderful information that I’ve been able to implement which has made a significant positive difference in all of our family’s lives- and EVERYONE was happy when Mom came home re-energized and rejuvenated, and in a completely different state of mind.

Julie Jernigan

I attended the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat and left feeling so inspired. A week prior my son had surgery for a broken leg and I was going on absolutely no sleep while experiencing complete overwhelm and stress. I have always put myself last both when it comes to self-care and health. This event could not have come at a better time. A few days of no work, total fun, relaxation, motivation, healthy eating, and bonding with phenomenal women was exactly what I needed. I actually belly danced, enjoyed pampering, learned how to improve my life from motivating speakers, and loved our all girls’ pajama party. It was an amazing experience! I am excited about living a healthier lifestyle. Since the retreat, I actually gave up my daily soda addiction!

Jodi Marhefka

The “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat made such a difference in my life! I didn't realize what an impact it actually had until I came home and started to take my health more seriously and make myself a priority. I would say this retreat was the initiator in me taking major steps to start healing my physical and mental well-being. Thank you Sherry Kane for showing us that it all can work when you put yourself first. It was a powerful experience of rejuvenation at the retreat with yoga, meditation, belly dancing, and relaxing girl time. You certainly know how to make a fabulous girlie weekend with practical education and transformation. It was the perfect balance. After attending the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat, I dusted off my Pilates machine and was inspired to go back to my exercise routine.

Dorit Papelbaum

I really enjoyed the powerful experience of being at the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat. It was such an incredible way to reconnect with the power of sisterhood. It’s only when we come together in the spirit of support and collaboration that we can make a big impact in the world and this is what “I Am Complete” Woman’s Club is about. Thank you Sherry Kane for being a leader in feminine leadership and inspiring us women to step up to our full potential!

Vanessa Halloum, President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale