3 Ways to Feel Like a Mayan Princess in Cozumel, Mexico


Being a woman in our contemporary culture is fabulous! More opportunities are available to us than ever before in history. It can also be very demanding as we fulfill our multiple roles as lovers and wives, mothers and homemakers, business owners and more. Sometimes we have so many people and tasks to take care of,…

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How Can You Be More Productive?

Taking care of you is not only essential to your health and well-being, but also for your productivity and success. Sometimes, unexpected things happen and can throw you off course. Remember to make it a point to fit in self-care time even if it’s in little spurts. It makes a huge difference in enabling you…

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Truth- Raw and Real

Ladies- this is as Raw and Real as it gets! This is me sharing a very important message from my heart, baring it all. No frills, absolutely no makeup. in my raggedy t-shirt right before bed. Please take a few minutes to watch. I hope it touches you in some way. Feel free to share…

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Life is Not Perfect


I want to address something really important that’s on my heart today. I received a message from someone who said that they cannot relate to me because my life is perfect. I would like to clear that up right now and say that my life is far from perfect. No one has a perfect life.…

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