How Can You Be More Productive?

Taking care of you is not only essential to your health and well-being, but also for your productivity and success. Sometimes, unexpected things happen and can throw you off course. Remember to make it a point to fit in self-care time even if it’s in little spurts. It makes a huge difference in enabling you…

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Truth- Raw and Real

Ladies- this is as Raw and Real as it gets! This is me sharing a very important message from my heart, baring it all. No frills, absolutely no makeup. in my raggedy t-shirt right before bed. Please take a few minutes to watch. I hope it touches you in some way. Feel free to share…

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Life is Not Perfect


I want to address something really important that’s on my heart today. I received a message from someone who said that they cannot relate to me because my life is perfect. I would like to clear that up right now and say that my life is far from perfect. No one has a perfect life.…

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