Introducing….The 4th Annual “I AM COMPLETE” Women’s Retreat!

This retreat is specifically designed to allow you to remove yourself from your daily environment and duties and “run away” for just a bit so you can embrace the full life you were meant to live!

 During this retreat you will discover how to:

  • Start experiencing more Joy daily by implementing simple strategies into your everyday life.
  • Uncover why you are running so hard and what you must do to change that to live more serenely
  • Understand what Balance means to you and achieve more of it.
  • Stay rejuvenated and refreshed no matter what is going on around you at the moment
  • Stop putting Self-care at the bottom of your to-do list and instead, feel completely amazing because you are the priority in your own life (about time, don’t you think?!)
  • Create an Intimate bond of Sisterhood with other powerful women so that support, strength and guidance are always available.
  • Maintain a high altitude for you Mind, Body and Spirit so that you can handle any situation with energy and enthusiasm

Inspiration and motivation are right around the corner and are yours for the asking.

Ahhh, don’t you feel like you can breathe a little easier after having just read that? Imagine what might change if you actually attended!

This retreat isn’t for everyone though, and we only want women who are ready to move out of their comfort zone and commit to making themselves a priority by putting themselves first. How do you know if this retreat has your name on it?

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to live a WHOLE life that is rich with work, quality relationships, hobbies and spending time alone to do whatever you want to do.
  • You want to have more fun with work and your “off” time.
  • You’re actually ready to commit to having “off” time!
  • You realize you’ve been putting your needs last and aren’t going to accept that any more.
  • You know “you” are in there somewhere and are ready to let her out (you’re not just “mom”, “partner”, “business owner”, “daughter” etc)

 Come and nurture yourself and discover what your life will look

and feel like when you put yourself first.

Designed to bring women together as a true community without obligations, task lists, pressure and judgment and create fun, relaxation, expression and expansion, the I Am Complete Retreat is a retreat like no other.

Experience Fun, Friendship, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Pampering, Self-Empowerment, Personal Growth and Development, as well as strategies to improve your Health and Vitality.

This retreat also includes:


If you’re ready to finally feel your own greatness and the joy of caring for the most important person in your life (that would be you) then don’t wait a minute longer!

Make a commitment to yourself to start putting YOU first!

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I didn’t realize how much I truly needed the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat. It empowered me to make changes that I was already 'wanting to do', but it reminded me of the critical nature of doing them NOW. Knowing that my mission is hinging on my own rejuvenation, I was easily ready to step through the DOORS that were waiting for me to open. Mostly seeing the transformation in Sherry Kane over the years was the critical key for my decision to JUST DO IT. As a result of attending “I am Complete” Women’s Retreat, taking care of myself FIRST has now become a priority. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be REMINDED of how important self-care really is for both myself and my relationships. By the way, my BUSINESS LIFE has EXPLODED into new heights of profitability, and I am able to do more, while being much more efficient too.

Brooke Peterson

Sherry Kane, thank you so much for creating the “I Am complete” Women’s Retreat. It has truly changed my life. I had been consciously nutritious and active but after I started my own business I felt guilty taking the time out to take care of me. This came into my life at the perfect moment, before I let the guilt get to me, before I allowed myself to slip into total incompleteness. I also learned many new skills, tips and tricks to help me stay on the path of being full and complete. Scheduling tips, new healthy ideas to implement into my life, just to name a couple. But what I really walked away with, which actually still walks with me, is the powerful sisterhood that I received from the experience. Many of the attendees I now count as special friends. I knew from this retreat I finally found my tribe and I am so grateful that I attended.

Melissa Billias

My experience at the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat is one I will never forget. I was completely stressed, over worked, super busy with family and life, and really needed to take care of me. I went alone, not knowing anyone, on blind faith looking to get away. What I found there was lifelong friends, pampering, health tips, dancing, and a world of good to heal my soul. Thanks Sherry Kane for creating this awesome opportunity of sisterhood and transformation! I can't wait to do it again!

Susan Carlisle

After attending the “I Am Complete” Women’s Retreat, I left feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. As a result of the experience I had at the retreat, I was able to come back to my busy life and tackle my work with a clear head so I could be more creative and hit the ground running with my business. It was just what I needed! Thank you Sherry Kane for making such a difference in lives of women everywhere including mine.

Trish Carr, Co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network