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 Are you so busy working on your business that you have no time to make yourself a priority?

Are you feeling overworked, exhausted, stressed, and completely overcommitted with too many obligations and responsibilities? 

Do you wish you had more energy and better health so you could be more productive?

Dear Tired, Busy, Stressed Out, Overworked, Full of Aches and Pains, Never Have a Moment for Yourself Friend,

I hear you.  I get it.  You’re a woman.  A woman with responsibilities, a woman with a lot on her plate, a woman who never seems to get a break during the day.  All day, every day, you are doing something for someone else and at the end of the day, you have nothing left to give to yourself.

You wanted to read that book but didn’t have time.  You thought about taking that exercise class but never got around to it.  You imagined what it would feel like to get a good night’s sleep, make healthy food choices and not feel physically on edge but it never turned into reality.  Maybe tomorrow.  Okay, maybe next week.

Does this sound like you?

    • I’m always taking care of other people. I never have a moment to myself.
    • With everything I have to do, I guess being exhausted 24/7 is just normal.
    • I’m completely overwhelmed and I don’t see it ever getting any better.
    • I know all these aches and pains can’t be normal but I don’t have the time to look into it.
    • Sometimes, I wish I could run away from home and work and….everything.

    Do you feel like life is rushing by and you’re too tired to enjoy it?

    Sure, life is hectic; it is for all of us.  However, I have a feeling that you are experiencing an on-going, over the top, “I’m never going to make it” existence that’s driving you crazy, stressing you out and is causing very real physical and mental side effects that aren’t good.

    How do I know this?  Because that was me until five years ago!


    I’m Sherry Kane, the Founder of I am Complete Woman’s Club and Retreats. The reason I know so much about this topic is that I lived it for years.  I was everybody’s beck and call girl.  I love to serve others and am completely devoted to my husband of over twenty-one years and our two teenage boys.  Add into the mix being a business owner, a dutiful daughter, a reliable friend and a genuine love of helping other people and you’ve got a woman who is stretched way too thin, with too much going on and no time for herself.  Sometimes, it felt like I was falling apart at the seams.  No matter how much I wanted to, and knew I should take time for myself, I always found one reason or another to keep putting myself at the bottom of my list.  I did this for years. And then the feathers really hit the fan. My body started to break down.  I was in pain constantly, always aching and always exhausted.  My relationships suffered, along with my work and everything else in my life. Finally, at my breaking point, I knew I had to do something so I attended a getaway retreat that changed everything for me, for good.  I realized for the first time in my life, I wasn’t living, I was merely existing.  It was at that retreat that I became aware that unless I took care of myself first, I wouldn’t be able to be the wife, mother, daughter, friend, business owner and entrepreneur that I longed to be.

    I made changes that altered my entire way of living and now I want to help you do the same thing.


    I know what it’s like to live a shell of a life and I now know what it’s like to live a whole, rich, juicy kind of life!  What about you?  Are you ready?

    Imagine if:

    • You went to bed each night excited about tomorrow instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed about a new day.
    • You experienced better, more meaningful and rewarding relationships because you were the best version of yourself (which doesn’t happen on four hours of sleep, six cups of coffee a day and half a pack of left over cheese crackers you found on the back seat of the car!)
    • You were a better friend and lover because you consistently felt relaxed and happy.
    • You could retire the broomstick for awhile (you know what I’m talking about).
    • You were more productive at work and started to make more money.
    • You had more energy and more time in your day and abundant optimism about the future.

     Even though you’re a grown up, this is your chance to run away from home…for just a little while!

    You probably gave up the fantasy of packing a picnic basket, grabbing your favorite items and heading out and away from the homestead around the age of twelve because you knew it wasn’t realistic.  You also knew that things had to get done and even at that age, you had responsibilities.  Of course, the fact that your parents were probably providing you with food and shelter was a big reason why you never strayed too far.  The problem is, you still have things that have to get done, you still have responsibilities and YOU are now providing the food and shelter so even an escape FANTASY seems ridiculous at this point, let alone actually doing it.  It doesn’t mean you still don’t secretly want it!

      If this is resonating with you, however and you are ready to start living your life instead of watching it fly by, then I can’t wait for you to join me and other women as we celebrate and honor who we are in the world.


    Powerful Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

    Feeling stressed, overworked, exhausted, or full of aches and pains?

    Sherry Kane, Founder of "I am Complete" Woman's Club and Retreats, shares some of her Best Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy, Fulfilled Life.

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